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Mega Slowbro Confirmed!

I don’t think you guys seem to grasp the fact that Mega Slowbro is downright horrified at what he’s become.

Mega Slowbro

Look at that face. That’s the face of a Pokemon that’s fully aware that he’s spinning inside what is essentially a fucking Iron Maiden. He’s terrified.


Mega Slowbro is a Horrifically Cruel Pokémon

Good lord, Slowpoke is being consumed by the Shellder. At least before it was relegated to his tail, but now it’s about to engulf him entirely. Sure, his tail is still there and showing (and surprisingly not a mangled piece of flesh from the years of being subjected to intense trauma), but if anything that makes it worse. Does he have to now spend his entire life hobbling along on his tail? More devastating is the look on poor Slowpoke’s face.

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Remembering Robin Williams: The Gamer

We can’t begin to express our sadness at this sudden loss. Williams was a staple for many of our childhoods, having appeared in such classics as Good Morning, Vietnam, Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire. While his contributions to film the past four decades can never be denied, to us he was more than an actor; he was a fellow gamer. 

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