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kiwibearsden asked:

Hey, you guys own all three of the current consoles right? I know it's early in the console lifecycle but which of the three consoles do you think is worth it so far?


Ps4 is the obvious choice for de-facto lead platform and the WiiU for exclusives, similar to last gen where it was 360/Wii for most of it.

Note that the question was strictly about consoles. While replying to this, Pat’s PC master race blood was surely boiling.


Merry Christmas!

Someday, 2Snacks…someday this will happen…someday…


Samus doing her morning routine before going out to smash some faces. Wonder what she’ll be wearing today? I guess she’s got a couple of choices. owo/

This piece was drawn for the upcoming fighting game themed gallery, tournament, and charity “The Art of Fighting”

More info on their FB page:


and twitter: @aofabq

If you are near Albuquerque New Mexico, you should check it out!

They will also be streaming on Saturday:

Samus in Skullgirls would make my millennium.

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